This is how it works:

  • You are a group of minimum 8 to maximum 14 people wanting to learn how to communicate in a way which gets everybody’s needs met.
  • You are willing to practice your newly acquired skills after the introductory workshop, because it takes practice to ensure sustainable results.
  • We set the dates for the workshop (e.g. 1,5 days or 4 evening sessions, or three afternoons) and agree on a place for the workshop to take place at (my office, your living room, an island in the Caribbean…)
  • We settle on a way for you to compensate me for my efforts (documentation and exercises are included)
  • We take an enriching trip to the land of giraffes and wolves with me as your tour guide.

For further information please contact me at  or give me a call (0699 102 18227).

Should you want to read up before we start:

Marshall B. Rosenberg, Non-Violent Communication

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